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Welcome to A&R Engineering

A&R's professional engineering experience comes from a wide variety of projects including geotechnical and civil engineering, foundation design and construction material testing and inspection.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering Services
Services include:
• Evaluation of expansive soils
• Preliminary site evaluations
• Geological hazard reports
• Geotechnical exploration for foundation recommendations
• Pavement design recommendations
• Soil percolation testing
• Septic system design
• Ground water evaluation
• Dams/Embankment/slope evaluation and stability design
• Evaluation and recommendations for buildings damaged due to   expansive soils

Forensic Studies
Expert Testimony

Laboratory Materials Testing

Construction Materials Engineering / Laboratory Testing
• Materials Evaluation, Testing and Inspection
• Specifications Review
• Quality Assurance / Quality Control
• Non-Destructive Testing - Torque Testing
• Steel Inspection - Welding Inspection
• Concrete and Steel Pipe Inspection

Laboratory soils tests include:
• Proctor Compaction maximum dry density/optimum moisture   determination
• Swell consolidation
• Atterberg Limits
• Gradation analysis
• Specific gravity
• Freeze-thaw
• Sodium sulfate content

Concrete testing includes:
• Compressive strength of concrete cylinders and beams
• Masonry grouts and mortars
• Prisms and mix designs

Asphalt testing includes:
• Asphalt content extraction/gradation
• Marshall Test
• Specific gravity of aggregates and cores
• Maximum theoretical specific gravity (Rice Value)
• Mix designs

Construction Observation Construction Observation
Services include, but are not limited to:
• earthwork
• roadway construction
• masonry construction
• reinforced steel placement
• fire proofing
• damp proofing
• drainage
• open-hole foundation observations
• drilled-pier observation
• driven pile observations
• distress evaluations
• multi-faceted trouble shooting
Environmental Services Environmental Services
• Environmental Site Assesments
• Phase I Assesment
• Phase II Study with consultant
• Underground Storage Tanks
• Soil and groundwater investigation